Health Awareness

Rural Healthcare is one of the biggest challenges that India is facing today. High mortality rates are subjected to poor health care facilities in the rural areas of India. More than 70% of India’s population is living under the roof of a rural setup. These poorly established houses experience lack of proper supply of water and electricity. They manage to get a little water from far away distant places in order to proceed with their daily activities.

Apart from this, their situation is vulnerable because of a lack of education and public health awareness. The key challenges in the health care domain are poor accountability, low-quality care, lack of health awareness and limited access to health facilities. As a result, the majority of people in India, turn to the local private health sector as their first choice of care. Local private health care is expensive and unregulated sometimes.

Considering the entire picture, Bhartiya Samaj Kalyan Samiti (BSKS) took the initiative of introducing rural India to health awareness program. With the objective to, fill the gaps in the implementation of various policies and programs failed to meet the goals of a healthy rural India. It aims to educate rural India and make them aware of how to take proper care of their health. This program is focused on addressing issues of personal health care, vaccination, hygiene, and illness prevention.

Bhartiya Samaj Kalyan Samiti (BSKS) operates with the commitment to health for all. Organizing various health camps at regular intervals are targeted towards providing health solutions. These health camps impart health education and sensitize the community on preventive and promotive health grounds. These camps are aimed at generating awareness, diagnosis, and treatment of numerous health hazards. Specialized health camps are organized for Eyecare, TB, Malaria, Anemia, Dengue, and Diarrhea, Worm infestation, Skin infections, and STD/HIV diseases.

For all these, people are encouraged to incorporate healthy habits and take various preventive measures. In addition, people are also spurred to boost up their daily nutrition intake. They are also given information on how to integrate and maintain hygiene in their lifestyle. Apart from that, special attention is given to women’s reproductive health. Women health care camps also foster women to seek medical aid for their reproductive health and well-being. Counseling couples, educating adolescent girls and other informative activities too are undertaken by Bhartiya Samaj Kalyan Samiti (BSKS). The complete health awareness program is focused on making rural people aware of how they can maintain a healthy lifestyle while undertaking various preventive measures.